OBD2 CAN-BUS scanner

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Finally after a long wait I received the order for OBD2 Bluetooth scanner. It looks quite bulky as I thought but it quite fits perfectly into my cars OBD port.


Once successfully connected to OBD port I paired my phone with the OBD scanner using Bluetooth connection. I installed a couple of most popular OBD2 scanner apps for Android and the output which I found was far more amazing. I could really communicate with my car and read the data from car ECU.


Does Android has anything to do with an automobile?

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My question is whether Android has anything to do with an automobile????

OK folks lets dive into something interesting topic..This time I have got something fishy stuff which I found in the web few days back… As usual I was searching for new updates and new apps published in Android Play Store but suddenly something got stuck to my attention regarding OBD Bluetooth, OBD Console etc etc. But then I just had a look on those apps and could find something similar to speedometer apps found in the market. Later doing small research I could understand that those are diagnostic tools for cars. Once again Android has proved that its not a mere OS built for making calls, sending sms etc it has capabilities beyond a standalone mobile OS.

OK I was taking abt OBD OBD!! Any idea?? Well I am not an automobile mechanic but I would explain what I found on the web.. OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. It is in fact used for self diagnostics and trouble shooting in automobiles. For more info  On Board Diagnostics are done via OBD port found in cars. Say for example the one found after a long search inside my car

2013-06-08 13.15.08

ODB port usually contains 16pins. From the above figure you could find that only six pins are enabled. Here is the complete pin out diagram



OBD ports are usually present in most of the modern cars. You could have a small search beneath the steering column or under the hood.

Ok lets return back to our topic..we were discussing what Android can do with these ports. In fact we could create an interface with our Android device using OBDII Bluetooth connector. The Bluetooth connector looks something similar to this


The one featured above is ELM327 Bluetooth OBDII OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner readily available in amazon. If we are able to create an interface between our car and  Android device then there opens a whole new world of apps that could convert an Android device into something a different tool for vehicle diagnostics and monitoring such as speed monitoring, fuel statistics, engine temperature etc etc. I think geeks have already started rolling out apps for On Board Diagnostics. Here are few

and lots more……..