Application Description
GeoTagIP Developed an Android application that determines the geographical location based on public IP address. The application displays the geo location in Google Maps.
AndroNet Tools Android application which consists of a set of networking tools such as ping, traceroute, port scanner and lots more. The application provides real time network usage status.
Android Chat Developed a multi client-server chat application for Android. The application allows chatting in a convenient way in the same network.
DroidLog Developed an interactive logcat reader for Android with Text to Speech integration. The application also features providing detailed information about the device as well as network.
Droid Note Developed a small notepad application for Android in which user can add, edit and delete notes. The application also features option for sharing notes and customizing UI.
EmailSMS Developed an Android application that allows forwarding the incoming SMS to specified email. The application allows archiving the SMS in case of no internet connectivity.
SMS Backup Tool Developed an Android application to backup and restore SMS contents. The application has option to export the inbox data in four different formats such as CSV, HTML, XML and Text.
Tag n Brag Developed and extended the code base provided by the client for one of the social networking site called Tag n brag. The additional modules done are Facebook connect, new UI design and other bug fixes in the app.
Munch Kids Developed an Android application forming a platform to communicate between teachers and parents in a school for monitoring student progress and for providing student feedback. The app features push notification service using Google Cloud Messaging.
ShoFam App Developed an iOS app for ShoFam social networking website. The app uses web services provided by the ShoFam server and has option to upload video and photo from the device.
Snap That Developed the core share modules for the SnapThat app both for Android and iOS version. The app uses OAUTH libraries to authenticate the social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr.
Law App Developed module for flashcard repetition app for iOS using well known spaced repetition algorithm SM2/ Supermemo2. The algorithm generates the next repetition date for the flashcard that is difficult to remember.
Interactive Interview Questionnaire app Developed an interactive interview questionnaire app for iOS. The app is used for conducting interviews upon which it generates a detailed exam report on completion of the test and sends the report via email to the respective examiners.
GetMyROM Developed an Android application that transforms the device into a digital inclinometer which is used to measure joint Range of Motion (ROM). The application makes use of accelerometer sensor to measure ROM.
Chicking Official chicking app for Android
Bus Tracker Customized app for tracking bus timing for MVD

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