EmailSMS now available with support for multiple screens

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EmailSMS is now available in Google play with the support for multiple screen sizes. The previous versions caused the widget and drawable to become sluggish and misaligned when executed in devices with small screens precisely with res 240×320. The new version 1.4 has fixed the alignment issue by introducing support for multiple screen layouts. Additionally the app size has been increased to 7.10MB but dont worry about the space that will be occupied by the internal memory the new version is now movable to external memory.So that you can free up the space in the internal memory.

The new version is now available in Google Play
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EmailSMS v1.3 Update

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The new updated EmailSMS version 1.3  now available in Google Play. The changelogs are as follows

  • All new revamped layout and graphics.
  • Added contact picker in filter contact option.
  • Option for clearing log data has been moved to log viewer activity.
  • Auto security settings for GMAIL.

Here are few screenshots

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Test Report for EmailSMS

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Hi all..I would like to share the testing report for EmailSMS generated by one of the professional android application testers in internet known as LeapRocket (for more info please visit . The website also provides additional services to increase downloads and capture user feedback. I would highly recommend this website for developers.

Please click the following image to view the report.

Remote Activation for EmailSMS

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Here comes new update for EmailSMS app!! No matter you forgot the mobile in your home or workplace and worried about the important SMS that you receive and unfortunately EmailSMS Service is disabled in your application!

And here is the solution for the problem. Just send a SMS to activate the application in your mobile. All you need to set a predefined activation SMS text in the your EmailSMS application. So if the phone is left at home or office just send an SMS containing the predefined activation text to your phone. The application automatically starts the EmailSMS service! Isn’t it cool..!

Once the application has automatically started the sender receives a conformation SMS notifying the user that the application has started the service. The conformation feature can be disabled or enabled from the settings if it costs for sending an SMS.

The updated version (1.2) is now available for download from Android Market.