Update for GeoTagIP and DroidLog

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The updated versions of GeoTagIP and DroidLog are now available in Google Play. The change log of each versions are given below

GeoTagIP v1.3

  • Auto complete textbox.
  • Application log viewer.
  • Option to export log to text file.
  • NPE fix.
  • Improved Exception handling.

Click to download GeoTagIP
Android app on Google Play

DroidLog v1.2

  • NPE fix in network usage tab.

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Android app on Google Play

DroidLog version 1.1

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Updated version of DroidLog has been published in Android Market with few fixes and new option for enabling or disabling TTS. Recently few application error reports has been received from couple of users regarding frequent application crash. After reviewing the source code it came into notice that the ANR (Application Not Responding) was caused by improper handling of Text to Speech function which has been corrected in the new version.

The following are the change log for v1.1

-Fixed screen orientation to portrait.

-Fixed application crash.

-Option to enable/disable TTS.

-New high resolution application icon.

Now available in Android Market- DroidLog BETA

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DroidLog BETA is now available in Android Market with few fixes and with added features. Please click the link below to download from market.

Available in Android Market

The new addons are:
-Log icons within the log messages.
-New fonts and UI.
-Improved speech data.
-Few fixes in the list display as well as app crash.

DroidLog BETA Download

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The beta version of DroidLog is available for download. Please download and provide your valuable feedbacks. The application is still in its development stage so bugs are bound to occur. Please report for any bugs at srunnikrishnan@gmail.com.  Please click the following link to download the BETA version of DroidLog

Click to download DroidLog BETA

Please dont forget to provide feedback for the same.