EmailSMS which is a SMS forwarder application for Android which allows one to forward your incoming SMS to the predefined email address. Simply configure the email settings and activate the service and simply sit back in front of your computer and read all the SMS within your email inbox. Here are few features of the application.

-Forwards incomming SMS to specifed email.
-Archives SMS in case of no internet connectivity.
-Detailed Log messages of each activity.
-Filters SMS according to predefined number on user choice.
-Neat and simple interface.

The application has been tested successfully with GMAIL mail client. However Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are also supported. If any problem persists in using Yahoo or Hotmail kindly report the issue at

Click to download

Available in Android Market

One thought on “EmailSMS

    Zsolt Szekely said:
    May 20, 2013 at 5:22 am

    Hi ! I have problems with EmailSMS on my SGS3 … not starting automaticly the app after phone (re)start … when i start the app manualy, i need to disable and re-enable the service to work …

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