The new changeover in UI- FlatUI designs

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Well smart phones have became an integral part of our life. Its quite common nowadays to see people with smart phones. In fact users prefer to choose devices which are simple to use and yet reliable. That’s the main reason why there is a tough competition between Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. To make it simple the applications should really have unsophisticated UI rather than making it more complex and hard to understand.

Here comes a new era UI design – FLAT UI DESIGN. Flat designs uses plain 2D icons and more vibrant colors with minimal design and emphasizes usability. For example


Another great example of flat design is Google Now app, which uses a card-like system to display information . Recently released iOS7 have got really a cool , “flat” and colorful design.

Since flat UI design has really became a new trend. So I thought of changing my new apps to flat design. The recently developed bus tracker app is my first step into FLAT design.


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