Month: April 2013

Android 4.2.2 on low end devices

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In fact I couldn’t  really believe that Android 4.2.2 runs seamlessly on my low end legacy device Samsung Galaxy Fit . Thanks to Cyanogenmod 10 (CM10) team for creating after market custom ROM’s. The CM ROM performs much better than the stock ROM and operates without any glitch. I would recommend everyone who uses Android to root and install custom ROM’s which opens up a new world of Android OS which you cant experience in stock ROM’s. Trust me rooting doesn’t cause any harm to your device!

The best garage for Android Modd:

Link to Cyanogenmod:

Clockwork Mod Tool (must have app for every rooted device): 

device-2013-04-07-221443 device-2013-04-07-230056 device-2013-04-07-230103

Tech spec of SGS Fit

  • 600Mhz ARM CPU
  • 160MB internal memory
  • 250MB RAM!!

Useful libraries for Android UI development

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Hi All..Here I would like to share some  important libraries round the corner that are far well useful for the application development. The following are few of them listed, but unfortunately I couldn’t sort it in a proper order. Anyways I will be making it more informative till then have a look

  • Universal image Loader: I placed this library on the top because this one has helped me lot and moreover the configuration is quite easy and additionally with less or in fact causing no app crash. This library could be useful while loading images in listview or gridview from a URL. Here’s the project website
  • Android amazing list-view: This library is used to create list-view with section headers. Android doesn’t have support for section headers in list-view. Hope this would be more useful while creating list-view with section headers in Android. Additionally item pagination is also available. More info
  • Android wheel: Are you bored of using the standalone date picker in android but love to use date or time picker similar to iphone?? Here ends your search! Use this simple library to create pickers similar to Iphone. More information:
  • Actionbar-Sherlock: Create actionbar in all versions of android. Actionbars are available from API level 11 onwards. this library would be useful for creating action bar in apps with API level <11. For more info:

This is for the time being more will be updated soon. Keep visiting..!!

Service- Does it serves as a background thread?

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Services are one of the important application components in Android that helps to execute long running operations in background. In fact what I thought was, Services would execute as a background thread without interrupting the main thread. But soon I found that my assumption was wrong, in fact Service also run in the main thread of the application  where the UI operations occur. Therefore, if we perform a long task in onStartCommand() method, it will block the main thread the end result is, unresponsive application . So to avoid the problem, you have to execute the complex task into a separate thread. this can be achieved with the help of

  • Asynctask
  • Declaring seperate Thread

Additionally there two memory management techniques as well. Declaring the return statement in onStartCommand() method.

START_STICKY: Notifies the OS to recreate the service after it has enough memory and call onStartCommand() again with a null intent.

START_NOT_STICKY: Notifies the OS  not to recreating the service again.