Month: November 2012

Google Play Developer merchants in India

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Recently android developers in India has got something to celebrate, Google has added support for setting up merchant account in India so that developers can upload paid app to play store now onward. No need to setup Paypal or in app purchases to sell your apps. Simple follow the steps given in the Google Merchant website. Here are the links that will lead you to the same

Threat to mobile developers and server side programmers

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Well, its year 2012 we all know that technology has no limits especially in the field of IT. We can see innovations emerging from every nook and corner. In the case of IT the programming world has expanded like anything  where we can find new programming languages being developed for every single piece of software or for large systems. Anyways today I would like to share some interesting stuff that may pose threat to mobile developers and server side programmers. First I would discuss about the threat that mobile developers gonna to face in future.

  • In fact I would rather say mobile developers are the one who is gonna to get a hard kick on their back. Nowadays there are many cross platform SDK’s available online. The benefit of using cross platform SDK’s are many. One of the advantage is that the code can be executed on different platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile etc. Another advantage is that the developer need not to know indepth of mobile programming. Apart from these advantages there are disadvantages as well. The apps created using cross platform SDK are poor in performance. Say for example the touch events, scrolling etc. They couldn’t directly access the core hardware layers of the device. In short cross platform SDKs are more focused for web developers rather than mobile developers. Such SDK’s are not using any native functionality provided by the OS vendors. Rather they use Javascript, HTML5, JQuery for the development. Mobile development knowledge is only required for integrating the components. Some of the popular cross platform SDK’s are PhoneGap, Titanuim, Sencha Touch etc. These are only few examples you could find many other on web. I am rather confused why people prefer cross platform SDKs when you could get fully function native SDK from their respective developers. Lets see what happens next.
  • Ok lets dive  into server side programming and see whats gonna to hamper their future. First of all let me say I am not a server side programmer and I doubt whatever things that I am gonna to say is right or wrong. Yes, lets continue. Rrecently I came across a SDK known as “Parser”. For more info I am not elongating much, in short the SDK allows our application data to be stored on cloud rather than on servers. This SDK is meant for mobile developers who need not to know the server side programming such as PHP, JQuery whatever.  Knowledge in mobile development is mandatory. You have complete control over your application data. Only thing you have is an account in parse. It supports mobile OSes such as Android,iOS  and Windows. The SDK has got a very good documentation where you can get started with your server side coding for your app.  Maybe it might have disadvantages as well.


Whatever cross platform SDKs or ready made clouds are available still the native technologies on which the systems are built are more suitable at any situations.