Month: June 2012

SMSBackup Tool now with Dropbox support

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SMSBackup Tool is now available with Dropbox support which allows all new way for cloud storage. The new version v1.2 allows user to upload the backup file to their Dropbox folder.

The application displays a pop up message prompting user whether to link the application with the DropBox account. After clicking YES the application will proceed to Dropbox authentication process

Click ALLOW to authenticate the application to access Dropbox account. The application also features option to view the backups that are stored in the Dropbox account. The user can either select the backup file to download to their local storage (SDcard).

Select the backup file to download to your local storage (SDCard). The downloaded backups are saved in /mnt/sdcard/SMSBACKUP/ folder

Click to download the new version from Google Play
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EmailSMS now available with support for multiple screens

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EmailSMS is now available in Google play with the support for multiple screen sizes. The previous versions caused the widget and drawable to become sluggish and misaligned when executed in devices with small screens precisely with res 240×320. The new version 1.4 has fixed the alignment issue by introducing support for multiple screen layouts. Additionally the app size has been increased to 7.10MB but dont worry about the space that will be occupied by the internal memory the new version is now movable to external memory.So that you can free up the space in the internal memory.

The new version is now available in Google Play
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Working with multiple screens in android

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As we all know Android devices comes in various screen sizes ranging from

  • QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Array)240×320/ Low Density/ Typically Small Screen
  • WQVGA (Wide QVGA)24×400/ Low Density/ Typically Normal Screen
  • FWQVGA (Full Wide QVGA)240×432/ Low Density/ Typically Normal Screen
  • HVGA (Half Size VGA)320×480/ Medium Density/ Typically Normal Screen
  • WVGA800 (Wide VGA800)480×800/ High Density/ Typically Normal Screen
  • WVGA854 (Wide VGA854)480×854/ High Density/ Typically Normal Screen

In general Android consists of set of four generalized screen sizes small,normal,large and xlarge and set of four generalized densities ldpi,mdpi,hdpi and xhdpi. Now while designing UI for mutliple screens create different layouts for different screen sizes. For that create three new folders in the project resource folder ie “res” such as

  • res/layout/main.xml                       // default layout for normal screen size
  • res/layout-small/main.xml        // layout for small screen size
  • res/layout-large/main.xml         // layout for large screen size
  • res/layout-xlarge/main.xml      // layout for extra large screen size

Now add different icons drawables for different screen densities

  • res/drawable-mdpi/icon.png        // drawable for medium density 
  • res/drawable-hdpi/icon.png        // drawable for high density
  • res/drawable-xhdpi/icon.png       // drawable for extra high density
(Normally I prefer icon size of 32×32 px for ldpi, 48×48 px for mdpi and 72×72 px for hdpi)

Finally declare screen size support in the Manifest file as

Now after declaring layouts and drawables for various screen sizes the Android OS takes care of which resources should be used during runtime. It will automatically select the resources according to the device screen size and density.

For detailed tutorial check

EmailSMS v1.3 Update

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The new updated EmailSMS version 1.3  now available in Google Play. The changelogs are as follows

  • All new revamped layout and graphics.
  • Added contact picker in filter contact option.
  • Option for clearing log data has been moved to log viewer activity.
  • Auto security settings for GMAIL.

Here are few screenshots

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Apps in Google Play

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Here is the entire list of the applications. A screenshot of Google Play app taken from SE Play.