Month: December 2011

Remote Activation for EmailSMS

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Here comes new update for EmailSMS app!! No matter you forgot the mobile in your home or workplace and worried about the important SMS that you receive and unfortunately EmailSMS Service is disabled in your application!

And here is the solution for the problem. Just send a SMS to activate the application in your mobile. All you need to set a predefined activation SMS text in the your EmailSMS application. So if the phone is left at home or office just send an SMS containing the predefined activation text to your phone. The application automatically starts the EmailSMS service! Isn’t it cool..!

Once the application has automatically started the sender receives a conformation SMS notifying the user that the application has started the service. The conformation feature can be disabled or enabled from the settings if it costs for sending an SMS.

The updated version (1.2) is now available for download from Android Market.

EmailSMS -Never miss your SMS!!

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Have you ever thought of making backup of your SMS..or Have you forgot your mobile at home or at work..or Are you in a workplace where you are not supposed to use your mobile?? Dont worry here comes the solution EmailSMS which is a SMS forwarder application for Android which allows one to forward your incoming SMS to the predefined email address. Simply configure the email settings and activate the service and simply sit back in front of your computer and read all the SMS within your email inbox. Here are few features of the application.

-Forwards incomming SMS to specifed email.
-Archives SMS in case of no internet connectivity.
-Detailed Log messages of each activity.
-Filters SMS according to predefined number on user choice.
-Neat and simple interface.

The application has been tested successfully with GMAIL mail client. However Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are also supported. If any problem persists in using Yahoo or Hotmail kindly report the issue at

Here are few email configuration settings

Enter username as :
Enter SMTP hostname as:
Enter SMTP port as : 465
Enable TLS, Auth and Debug
Enable EmailSMS Service

Enter username as :
Enter SMTP hostname as:
Enter SMTP port as : 995

Enter username as:
Enter SMTP hostname as:
Enter SMTP port as : 587

Click the following link to download EmailSMS application directly from Android Market

Available in Android Market


Update for AndFirewall BETA (Ver 1.2)

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The new updated version of AndFirewall BETA has been published in Android Market. The updated version is 1.2. The updates and fixes include the following

  1. Minimized the popup message display of beta warning:  The beta warning popup of two has been  reduced to a single time.
  2. Completely changed the network info data display: The network information display has been completely revamped to provide details in more brief way and provides real time update of network usage status.
  3. Updated the system logviewer for real time log display: The system logviewer feature has also been reprogrammed to provide real time output as that of logcat. 
  4. Sorted application list: The application list in both whitelist and blacklist mode has been sorted according to alphabetical order for easy discovery.
  5. New application icon:  The application has got a new icon.
  6. Support for Android 2.2:  The application now supports android 2.2 Froyo
Click the following link to download the application from Android Market

Available in Android Market

Please provide feedback for the same.

Introducing Droid Note

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Have you ever encountered a situation when you are in urgency to scribble a piece of information such as a memo or a small note somewhere in your phone ? So at times most of us used to save that piece of data as drafts in SMS folder. So here I would like to introduce  a small and simple application for android known as Droid Note which can be used as notepad for scribbling such information.  It has all the necessary features of a notepad such as add, edit and delete notes. Other features include searching and sharing a particular note.

Click the link to download the app from android market. 

Available in Android Market

Check out the application screenshots in screenshot section.

So now onwards no more drafts in inbox….!!