Month: November 2011

Blog Status- 1000hits!!

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Happy to inform that the blog status reached 1000 hits. Thanks for all those who have visited my blog. Keep visiting  for more updates.

Now available in Android Market- DroidLog BETA

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DroidLog BETA is now available in Android Market with few fixes and with added features. Please click the link below to download from market.

Available in Android Market

The new addons are:
-Log icons within the log messages.
-New fonts and UI.
-Improved speech data.
-Few fixes in the list display as well as app crash.

DroidLog BETA Download

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The beta version of DroidLog is available for download. Please download and provide your valuable feedbacks. The application is still in its development stage so bugs are bound to occur. Please report for any bugs at  Please click the following link to download the BETA version of DroidLog

Click to download DroidLog BETA

Please dont forget to provide feedback for the same.

DroidLog- Logcat reader with extra addons

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DroidLog is a real time logcat reader for Android. The application can be used to check various log messages generated inside the device which are not viewable by an user. It also has option to filter the log messages according to info, verbose, debug, warn and error. In addition to logcat reader the application also features option for viewing the detailed information about the device such as OS info, CPU info, Device data etc as well as network information.

Checkout the screenshots of new app DroidLog

New network activity notifier for AndroNet Tools

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Usage of AsyncTask (Class which handles the proper use of UI thread) in AndroNet Tools for real time data usage notification. The new feature notifies the user about the transmitted and received data in the active network connection. In addition to that the frequent application crash while quick scanning localhost and scanning malicious ports has been fixed. The quick scan port list has also been updated. The new ports added to quick scanner are

161- SNMP
199- SNMP Unix Multiplexer
512- Remote Exec
513- TCP Remote Login
514- Remote Shell

AndroNet Tools version details
Updated on : November 12, 2011
Version: 1.2.3
Apk size: 421KB

The new version is now available in Android Market. Most importantly please provide feedback for the same.

Few fixes in AndroNet Tools and GeoTagIP

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Please note that the GeoTagIP and AndroNet Tools versions has been updated with few fixes as from the error reports received in Android Developer Console. The new version of GeoTagIP is v1.2 and for AndroNet Tools v1.2.2. Please install the updated version from Android Market. In addition to tweaks GeoTagIP has got a new SHARE feature. Now SHARE your IP geo information with your friends with a press of a button.

New Update for GeoTagIP!

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GeoTagIP has got a new update. The new version 1.1 includes few add-ons and fixes. The new add-ons and fixes are as follows

-New UI fonts.
-Fixed the problem of loading map data for private IP.
-Fixed application crash.
-Improved error handling.
-Added a new feature Reverse DNS Lookup.
-Added a new feature Top Domain Lookup.
-Added network connection notifier. 

Click the following link to download the new version or to update the previous version of GeoTagIP

Available in Android Market

Here are few screenshots of the new version

Most importantly please provide feedback for the same…