Month: October 2011

New proposed application- DNS Snort

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After successful implementation of AndFirewall BETA, GeoTagIP and AndroNet Tools, I would like to introduce my new proposed application named as DNS Snort. This application is used for querying various DNS records such as

A Record
MX Record
NS Record
SOA Record
TXT Record

In addition to the DNS lookup the application has option for validating an email address. It checks whether an email address exists or whether it is a  spam. More features will be added as the development progress. Keep visiting for more updates.  

Useful Weblinks

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During the search of resources for learning Android as well as Java programming I found the following websites which are quite useful. Here are the weblinks.

Minor Change

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As discussed earlier AndroNet Tools consisted of Get Mac Address feature. But in the new version Get Mac Address feature has been replaced with Whois Lookup function. Please check out the application and provide with your valuable feedback.

Please checkout the application screenshots in Screenshots page.

AndroNet Tools now available in Android Market!

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My third successful app AndroNet Tools is now available in Android Market. Please download and try the app.  And most importantly please provide feedback for the same. Click the image below to redirect to Android Market.

Available in Android Market

More features will be added further. Keep visiting..:)

Application Downloads!!

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Happy to inform that the applications AndFirewall BETA and GeoTagIP  published in the Android Market are gaining user interest. The statistics are as 

App Name Date of Publish Status
AndFirewall BETA Published on 08-10-2011 29 total installs and 12 active installs till date
GeoTagIP Published on 07-10-2011 45 total installs and 24 active installs till date

Thanks for all those who have downloaded my application. Keep visiting for more updates.

Hopefully AndroNet Tools app will soon find place in Android Market.

All new revamped version of Network Tools!

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Hi all.. The Network Tools application has been revamped to a newer version packed with more networking tools. The new version includes features such as DNS to IP, IP to DNS, Http Response Reader, Testing connection with host, Wake up on LAN and lots more. The name has been changed to AndroNet Tools. Here are few screen shots.

Have a look at the SCREENSHOT sections for more.Keep visiting for new updates!!

Generating key through command line.

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Before publishing an application or before release the application must be signed with a certificate whose private key is held by the application’s developer. Its not necessary that the certificate should be obtained from a certificate authority. Android allows signing the applications using self-signed certificates. The following steps describe the procedure to generate keys that are necessary for signing the application. Make sure you have updated the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). The tutorial explained here is done using system running on Windows 7 with JRE6 installed.

1. Open RUN and type cmd.

2.Goto  C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin by typing

cd program files
c:\Program Files>cd java
c:\Program Files\Java>cd jre6
c:\Program Files\Java\jre6>cd bin
c:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin>

3.Now the bin folder contains the keytool for generating the key. Type the following command to generate the key using keytool

keytool -genkey -v -keystore (type the folder you want to go followed by keyname.keystore) -alias (specify name that you like) -keyalg RSA -validity 10000

4.After executing the command its prompts for password. Retype the password and fill in the details.

5.Provide password for the alias.

6.The key is generated in the folder specified during the creation.

7.Use the key for signing the android application.